Art Writing

selected commissioned, published or performed

Bad Retail: A Romantic Fiction

Fiction published in Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 2017

Objet D’Art

Poem commissioned to accompany the exhibition, ‘Steven Grainger: Displacement Activities,’ 2016


Poem included as part of the exhibition ‘ANYKENT’, 2015

Even or Perhaps

Fiction/poem recited as part of the live performance work ‘Even or Perhaps’, 2014

Soft Paste

Poem commissioned for the exhibition ‘Zoe Williams: Soft Paste,’ 2013

The Great Macguffin

Prose-poem recited for a live-audience, Old Hairdresser’s Glasgow, 2012


Poem written for the exhibition ‘Castles of Illusion’, Intermedia, Glasgow, 2011

Pearlescence and Patience

Fiction published in the monograph, Zoe Williams: The Flight of O, 2010

Sentences Not Only Words

Poem commissioned for the exhibition ‘Lorna MacIntyre: Sentences Not Only Words,’ 2009

Peer to Peer

Script for Peer to Peer, animated film by Craig Mulholland, 2008


Creative text commissioned for the exhibition ‘Cathy Wilkes: Moons,’ 2004

The Thinness

Poem inspired by the work of Cathy Wilkes published in Switchspace, 2004

Plastic Casino

Creative text commissioned for the exhibition ‘Craig Mulholland: See-Through Mask,’ 2004