selected exhibitions, editions and performances


(After) After

Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds Arts University, Leeds, 11th August – 29th September, 2017

Human Shaped

Sculpture & Design, Glasgow, 8th – 25th April 2016 (as part of Glasgow International Festival of Art 2016)


The Briggait, Glasgow, 17th September – 20th November 2015

Oh My Have

1 Royal Terrace, Glasgow, 30th March – 19th April 2015

(listen to the ‘artist in conversation’ with Laurence Figgis on the 1 Royal Terrace site)

Hugs n Fun-Fun

The Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow, 26th October – 2nd November 2013

Castles of Illusion

Intermedia/ CCA, Glasgow, 3rd – 17th December, 2011 (with Brin Frost and Zoe Williams)

Father Perspective, Mother Space

Limoncello, London, 27th July, 2010 (with Lynn Hynd)

Corridor of Uncertainty

Tangent Gallery, Curtin University, Perth Australia, 26th August – 23rd September 2009

Men and Bits of Paper Whirled by the Cold Wind

The Shed, Westerton, 27th-28th September, 2008 (with Lynn Hynd)

The Mundane Shell

The Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow, 11th – 27th April, 2008 (with Sharon Thomas)

Flying, Stealing

Galleria S.A.L.E.S., Rome, December 2005

The Great Macguffin

Transmission, Glasgow, 10th September – 8th October 2005

Red Bus Go

273, Glasgow, 27th March – 9th April 2004 (with Nick Evans)



No Line No Wave

Limited edition silk scarf (for Briggs and Cole, 2014)

The Great Macguffin

Screen-print newspaper strip (For Prawns Pee, 2012)



About the Great Macfuffin

University of Liverpool, Liverpool, 3rd July, 2015 (for ‘Silence: a Semiotics of Significance’)

Even or Perhaps

DCA, Dundee, 2nd August 2014 (collaborative performance with Jack Figgis)

The Great Macguffin

The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, 20th May 2012 (for Prawns Pee events)