who is figgis

Laurence Figgis is an artist and writer based in Glasgow . He has previously exhibited work in Glasgow, London, Rome, Graz and Perth, Australia. His recent exhibitions include ‘(After) After)’ at the Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds College of Art (2017), ‘Human Shaped’ at Sculpture & Design, Glasgow (for Glasgow International 2016), ‘Oh My Have’ at 1 Royal Terrace, Glasgow and ‘ANYKENT’ at the Briggait, Glasgow (both 2015). An excerpt from his developing work of fiction ‘Bad Retail’ was recently published in the Journal for Writing in Creative Practice (Winter 2017). His live-performance work ‘Even or Perhaps,’ which took place at DCA, Dundee, in August 2014 (in collaboration with Jack Figgis), was programmed as part of Generation, a nationwide celebration of contemporary art in Scotland. In addition to (and as an extension of) his own creative practice, Figgis has written numerous specially-commissioned texts for individual artists in gallery exhibitions and catalogues including for Lotte Gertz, Lorna Macintyre, Zoe Williams, and Cathy Wilkes.

Laurence Figgis makes paintings that ‘tell stories’ alongside works of poetry and fiction.  As well as making his own art-work, Figgis writes about art-writing practice, narrative painting, cinema and literary fiction.

Friends and Representation

Laurence Figgis is best friends with: Snow White, Huckleberry Finn, the Bachelor Machines, Hareton Earnshaw, Alan Turing, the Jets AND the Sharks, the “Little Picture Plane”, Marie Antoinette de France, La Femme Egorgée, “She Who is Eternally Returning”, Harry Lime’s “cuckoo clock,” and “a certain slant of light, winter afternoons”.

He is represented by Collaterlie Sisters.


Thanks to Patricia DeVries of deFreeze for her consultation and advice and to Alan Dimmick for photographing many of the artworks on this site.