...should these bagatelles/ offend thee Corpus/ sink thee to thy solvent heart/ and colour not/ the monage is is naked-not/ his suit is void/ and thou has't nothing here/ to dread or scorn...[don't love mollak$don't burn mollak£don't lie there in the dark covered in sweat mollak$with your heart pounding mollak£don't not let your insides rot cause you can't say can't say$mollak mollak$(don't rot from the inside mollak)£don't feel mollak$don't sing mollak don't wait to see him mollak$don't die when you see him mollak$don't turn to ash mollak£don't bleed from your eyes when you see him see him mollak$ don't melt into foam mollak$(don't disintegrate mollak)don't£be flesh mollak don't be flesh that aches mollak don't$kiss him mollak don't£imagine$you kiss his eyes£mollak don't$imagine you swallow his eyes mollak don't imagine them c£old in your throat when you swallow them$like eating diamonds£mollak mollak mollak$don't cry mollak don't not be a coward molla$k don't n£ot be a boor mo$llak (don't not be a bore mollak)$don't not be not brave mollak£don't not be not kind mollak$don't not be not honest$mollak don't£not be an arsehole$mollak don't not be a living corpse mollak don't not be an unima£ginable cunt mollak don't$not hold your heart together mollak don't protest mollak don't$speak t$o anyone mollak don't t£ell anyone how your$body feels like a gap in the world molla£k don't tell anyone how your breath feels like a $tone in your£mouth$mollak don't tell anyone how your mouth i$ bleeding from£carrying your words$like stones in your mouth mollak don't long for anything$mollak don't want£for anything mollak$don't (not) murder yourself by smiling like mollak£when your insides are kicked out$mollak when your world is ending$mollak$(oh mollak)]

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