The Thinness

poem / exhibition catalogue text


Switchspace, (Glasgow: Switchspace, 2004)

Limited-edition publication documenting the final year of activities by the Glasgow-based artist-run gallery of the same name (curated by Sorcha Dallas and Marianne Greated)

Poem inspired by the work of Cathy Wilkes and her exhibition for Switchspace


The Thinness

gird your 
said diligence
I will devour the scene,

burn poised laundry
wedged on table 
edges, leaving
charred lines of air,

worry these histories
to smiles,

etch their fading forms 
in scratches 
on the milky void,

I long to elude

this shapely body of dust,

its gasp!
full of light 

its mean theatre 
so gluttonous in 
my searing eye 


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